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​At Audio, Saturday February 08

"Read All About it" Edit by Stefan Biniak

10 Million views on youtube



Stefan Biniak took the music industry by storm with his progressive, melodic, and incredibly sexy sounds. A Berlin based DJ; Stephan is part of the infamous German melting pot, letting his eclectic and melodic music do all the talking.


He has succeeded in putting his name on the map amongst some of the world’s most infamous DJs in a very short period of time. In 2013 alone his career flourished exponentially; playing at some of the most popular clubs and festivals throughout Europe. Last year alone, he toured from Antwerp to Bucarest and from Saloniki to Moscow, gracing them with his unparalleled sounds. In 2014 Stefan will also be playing at the SonneMondSterne festival for the very first time!


His soulful melodies know no bounds just like man behind the music who cannot be removed from the DJ decks once he takes the stage. Stefan Biniak music is a unique fusion of electronica; a production of deep house music paired with sweet-sounding vocals and melodic areas. He transports his audience on a musical journey with his emotional and exclusively diverse sounds. He is a true representation of his own sound; playing producing with an obvious and unique dedication.


His “Read All About It“ edit has had over 10 Million view on Youtube; giving him the respect and appreciation he deserves. World famous DJ, Tiesto became a big fan of Stefan’s, which lead to them playing a gig together at his event in Amsterdam.

21+ 9.30PM - 2AM
at Audio - 316 11th Street - San Francisco

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