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​At Harlot, Friday December 20



Talk about house music and its impossible not to talk about Japan’s Satoshi Tomiie. Since starting out in the late 80s he has been one of the scene’s most important and influential figures who has crafted endless dancefloor anthems as well as turning his hand to more pop inclined work, headline DJ sets around the world and all the while staying as relevant as anyone in the game. And it all started in Tokyo clubs during Satoshi’s youth, where he was forging himself a great reputation as a talented DJ in the early days of house. 

Also a lifelong student of jazz and classical piano, Satoshi soon started producing and had a huge impact right from his very first record. The debut single ‘Tears’ - co-produced in 1989 with Chicago’s ‘Godfather of house’ Frankie Knuckles - was an instant club hit and is today considered one of house music’s most important moments. Soon after, Satoshi relocated to New York City to get fully involved with the exciting early 90s electronic music scene. It immediately paid off, and because he was an accomplished musician as well as dexterous DJ, Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto (of Yellow Magic Orchestra fame) asked Satoshi to join him on his tour, and the rest is history. 

Since then, this auteur has forever been honing his musical ability before retuning to the studio once more. Throughout his career, international stars likes U2, Mariah Carey, Photek, Simply Red and David Bowie have all been remixed by Satoshi who has an ear for groove like few others in the world today. 

Satoshi runs the well-respected SAW.RECORDINGS imprint with Hector Romero, and together the pair have continued to refine and reinvent the Chicago and New York house blueprint for more than a decade by championing the up and coming international talents of acts like Audiofly, Doomwork, Mabaan Soul, Tuccillo and Guti. Of course, all the while Satoshi has continued to release seminal albums and tracks like Full Lick and Love In Traffic, records that showcase the man’s unique take on dark and twisted electronic rhythms, tortured vocals and generally hypnotic sounds. 

Having taken something of a time out to rebuild his studio, Satoshi is now back with a vengeance. He is producing, DJing and remixing at the top of his game once more and evidence of that comes in the form of his elongated and magical remix of Guti’s Keep It, which picked up support from contemporary heroes like Marco Carola, Loco Dice and Reboot. It is the same clubs as those heroes he plays in on a regular basis, places like EGG London, Stereo Montreal, Womb in Tokyo and Pacha Ibiza as well as many other places around the globe. 

Recently Satoshi has continued to play across Europe as well as having devised a pop up party concept that has been on tour across Italy and aims to concentrate on smaller more intimate club spaces, proving that he is still evolving and pushing things forwards after decades in the game. So too has he mixed it up for Italian site Soundwall’s podcast series and late in 2012 released his well received Backside Wave EP. Summer 2013 will be yet another landmark in Satoshi’s career, as it will see the release of a next artist album full of the electronic delights we have come to expect from the man who is still very much an essential voice in the global house music conversation.

21+ 9PM - 2AM
at Harlot - 46 Minna Street - San Francisco

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