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​At Mezzanine, Sunday December 15



Paul Kalkbrenner is a superstar. And still he has truly remained down to earth. He is talented, ambitious and successful - although his inner child always is ever visible beneath the surface. He is a loner, yet full of empathy. A cosmopolitan, yet ever firmly rooted in Berlin. He is a raver with his arms in the air allowing himself moments of reflection. A man who is able to lose himself completely in exhilaration and trance but who never switches off his mind. Kalkbrenner's music is challenging and full of energy, but also has serene and profound moments. The music aims toward ecstatic situations and at the same time is entirely in the here and now. It deals with the pressure one is exposed to on a daily basis as well as the knowledge that work and a daily routine is not all there is - it combines trance, art, madness, friendship, hope, family and love in one.

21+ 9PM - 2AM
@ MEZZANINE - 444 Jessie Street - San Francisco

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