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Haley "Live in San Francisco"

At The Grand, Saturday April 19





Performing the global dance hits
"Only You" (Kaskade & Tiesto ft. Haley)
"Dynasty" (Kaskade ft. Haley)
"Move For Me" (Kasakde & Deadmau5 ft. Haley)
"Physical" (Haley)

Christian Pineiro's Official Birthday Celebration!

VIP Table reservation at or 415-819-5464


About Haley:

You might not think you know Ultra Records recording artist Haley, but you do.

The singer/songwriter is already loved by millions of dancers worldwide as the ethereal voice of the latest hits from Kaskade and Deadmau5. They’re also some of the most memorable dance tracks of the past year, including UK chart topper “I Remember,” and global phenomenon, “Move For Me.” Her first effort under her own name, “This Is How It Goes,” debuted on Kaskade’s latest compilation “The Grand.”

Haley’s crystal-clear pipes immediately conjure comparisons to some of electronic music’s most enduring voices: Kirsty Hawkshaw, Weekend Player’s Rachel Foster, Jes. But this 29-year-old’s roots are not in dance.

She has been singing her entire life, in local competitions, at school assemblies, at sporting events, she sang the National Anthem at a Utah Jazz game when she was 14.

The songwriting bug first bit in high school. “I started plucking things out on the piano. I play by ear, so I’m not fabulous, but I wanted to play songs that I liked; I wanted to be able to sing them. So I just figured them out on the piano, and that led me to writing my own music.”

With influences like Tori Amos and Jewel – artists who themselves combine disparate genres – Haley struggled to find a style of her own. She played with a full band, formed a duo with a violin-playing friend, and even moved to Nashville for a brief stint as a songwriter. “I realized that I wasn’t country,” she says. “Country music is kind of like a blatant story, more of a literal kind of writing. Electronic music is more abstract, more to the interpretation of the listener.”

Haley was first introduced to electronic music by Kaskade, and she found her niche. ”It fits my voice really well; better than all the other things I tried,” she says. “I was trying to figure out, what is my style? What feels the most comfortable for me to sing? And with electronic I immediately felt like, this is me!”

Haley debut album, produced by Kaskade, is due out in the fall.

The Grand, 520 4th Street.

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